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You will have to open the door manually.
Before attempting to replace a garage door spring, verify the type of spring that you need to replace.
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    Clopay Garage Door Spring Installation Instructions

    However, aluminum can dent much easier when compared to other materials. You need to free the springs from any tension before you try and adjust their tension. Using the winding bars, begin winding the spring in the opposite direction as it was unwound. Make sure all the lag screws are securely fastened.

    We are known for providing only the best value garage door for your money. Can I replace just the door sections and not use the new track and springs that came with it? Repeat steps four to six on the other side if your torsion spring mechanism has springs on both sides of the center plate.

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    These issues can compromise the security of your home and its curb appeal.

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      • Remove the vice grips on the shaft and lift the door halfway.
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      • The technician showed up on time and did a great job.

      This depends on the reason you want to replace your garage door and what caused the damage.


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