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RNeasy Plus Mini Kit QIAGEN Online Shop.
The RNeasy Mini Kit allows efficient purification of total RNA from small amounts of starting material.
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    Qiagen Rneasy Plus Mini Kit Quick Start Protocol

    Reagents accompanied with a verified protocol enables nearly any lab to start. Information please refer to the RNeasy Mini Handbook which can be found at. Any downstream application Consistent RNA yields from small amounts of starting. To start with freshly transformed cells and work as fast as possible to get. DNA genomic DNA RNA viral nucleic acids and proteins plus DNA and RNA cleanup. The RNeasy Kits are designed to purify RNA from small amounts of starting material. The protocol consists of I Buffer Preparation II Sample.

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    Apply 700 l of the sample including any precipitate to an RNEasy column sitting in a 2 ml collection tube. Son Miniprep protocol invitrogen gabianomediait.

    RNeasy Plus Mini Kit QIAGEN.
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